Apr 5, 2009

Finance Friday

Ok...so it isn't Friday but I still wanted to get a bit of financial information out there.

One thing that I've noticed lately is that my kids seem to be growing at a super fast pace. This has resulted in needing to buy kids clothes at the change of every season. Here are some tips on how I save money on kids clothes:

1) Freecycle.org - You can sign up for your local freecycle list and keep an eye out for clothes. As a warning, clothes typically go really fast. On the flip side, it's also a great way to get rid of toys and clothes really fast out of your house. Freecycle was a group of friends that wanted to keep things out of landfills and it's basically people who trade stuff they no longer want to others. We've gotten jogging strollers, kid bicycles, toys, etc through freecycle

2) Mothers of Twins/Multiples Club Sales - The Twins clubs often have sales of gently used clothes (as do several other moms groups). It's a great way to buy clothes fairly inexpensively. Typically most clubs have one in the fall and one in the spring. You can go to the national page and find a club near you.

3) Ebay/Craigslist - You can also sometimes get a pretty good deal on clothes from ebay or craigslist. Parents will sell a bunch of clothes. I managed to completely outfit my daughter one spring with one purchase from ebay of $40. 

4) Discounted kid clothing sites - There are several sites that offer discounted kids clothes. I often use kidsurplus.com they sell brand name off season clothes for pretty good prices. Also, the sale section of most major retailers often has some great deals too if you plan ahead and buy for the next season. (buy next year's winter clothes now for example)

Do you have any great tips on finding kid clothing?

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