Apr 27, 2009

Cooking in Bulk

One of the many things I've learned from having twins is that time is very finite. After a busy day a work, I often don't want to necessarily cook at night. I also don't want to feed them fast food crap.

So, periodically I try to cook a few things in bulk over the weekend and refrigerate or freeze them. There are entire books and websites dedicated to Once A Month Cooking. If you search for OAMC you'll come across numerous website that give you recipes, menus, and shopping lists. I don't have the freezer space or the stamina to cook a month's worth of meals in one day. (I did try it once and just meh)

I recently came across a website called Cooking During Stolen Moments which is fabulous and has beautiful food pictures as well. I've made a few of the recipes that have been easy, tasty, and fun to make. (Plus they get a big thumbs up for also being bacon lovers like us!)

To give an example, while I was cooking waffles in the morning and waiting for each one to cook in my waffle maker, I made the brown rice balls. They made the entire house smell wonderful and both of my kids - who are rather picky - loved them.  And the recipe made enough for us to eat them with a couple of meals throughout the week with some to freeze for later. 

All I can say is...Yum!

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